Flashlink modules

The Flashlink range was introduced in 1999 as a price competitive and high performance signal processing and fibre optic distribution product line

The Flashlink range was introduced in 1999 as a price competitive and high performance signal processing and fibre optic distribution product line. From the very beginning, Flashlink gained an impressive track record, both in awards won and more importantly in the number of installations and customers that continue to buy Flashlink products. A large and growing number of customers worldwide have now standardised on the Flashlink system.                 

Flashlink modules

– Comprehensive functionality with short installation time

Different housings fit any applicationalt

 Each Flashlink module consists of a passive backplane and a front loaded processing board containing all active components. The Flashlink modules can be fitted in different housings depending on the application:


  • Flashlink FR-2RU-10-2 main frame for studio applications. 2RU frame for 10 modules, saves rack space
  • N-BOX for stand alone applications (See Flashlink Micro for bundled stand alone solutions)
  • MOT-BOX, holds one FR-2RU-10-2 frame for mobile applications

Monitoring and configuration

altControl features such as on board status LED’s and GPI interface as well as RS-422 interface for GYDA-SC control is standard on all modules. All modules have Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support as a standard feature, a real advantage for larger systems distributed on multiple sites.

Re-configuration of the module is easily done with DIP-switches on the module itself or via our GYDA-SC system controller.

Hot swappable modules

All modules in the Flashlink range can be swapped without disconnecting the power supplies or interfering with signals running on other modules. This is particularly useful for on-air applications.

Only passive electronics on backplanes

All active electronics are placed on the processing board so that the backplane is solely populated with non-failing passive components. This ensures that a module replacement is speedily carried out by hot-swapping from the front of the rack, without requiring a cable disconnection.

Dual redundant power supplies (optional)alt

The Flashlink FR-2RU-10-2 has room for two power supplies, and is delivered as standard with a single power supply operating on either AC or DC. Adding an optional second power supply provides full power supply redundancy. The power supplies have separate inputs paths and can be fed from different sources, providing maximum redundancy. Both auto-sensing AC and DC power supplies are available.

Low power consumption – no fans needed

All Flashlink modules are designed with low power consumption in mind.

The low-power / high reliability design of Flashlink has been achieved in part by removing all fans from the system – eliminating the component most likely to fail and providing a quieter working environment for the operator.

High performance moduleswith advanced functionality

Short installation time and simple to use. Ease of use and minimised setup times are at the heart of Flashlink design philosophy.

Standards compliance

All modules in the Flashlink range comply with relevant industry standards.

During the design phase of each Flashlink module we investigate which standards may apply, both now and in the future.

Standards compliance is a very important product feature: it ensures interoperability with 3rd party products complying with the same standards, provides a reference for performance measurements of the product and helps future-proof the solution.

Flashlink modules for HDTV infrastructure(SMPTE 292M)

  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Embedders and deembedders
  • Single and dual electrical to optical converters
  • Single mode or multi mode fibres
  • All wavelength schemes supported, 1310/1550 nm for both CWDM and DWDM
  • Wavelength conversion modules for 3R regeneration
  • 16ch HD-SDI CWDM system in only 2RU, world’s most compact CWDM solution
  • 4-channel SD-SDI Time Division Multiplexer for utilisation of HDTV infrastructure complying with SMPTE 346M

Maximum functionality

The comprehensive Flashlink range covers a wide variety of functions:

  • Audio and Video conversion, processing and synchronisation
  • Distribution amplifiers
  • Fibre conversion of digital signals e.g. SDI and HD-SDI signals
  • Fibre conversion of L-band satellite signals
  • Dense/Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM/CWDM)
  • Time Division Multiplexers
  • Wavelength transponding
  • Embedding/de-embedding of audio and video
  • Datacom Interfaces for RS-422 and 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • Automatic changeover of modules for redundancy
  • GYDA-SC System Controller for Flashlink (Web/SNMP)

If you would like to learn more about the Flashlink range and experience the combined power and simplicity yourself, do not hesitate to contact your nearest sales representative for a demo.




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